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Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Right Insurance at the Right Price for Milton WV

“So we’re shopping for car insurance again!  That other company told us that ticket I had and the accident my wife had didn’t matter.Well, they were right, up until my first renewal with them, and then they hit me with both barrels!”  Does any of this sound remotely familiar to you?  Unfortunately it’s not that uncommon. Many companies will buy up your business when you are shopping, and make decisions about your driving record after you’ve been onboard with them for six months. Not fair!

If you’re looking for car insurance quotes Milton WV you’ve more than likely tried all the rest, so it’s time now to try the BEST. Pick up the phone and call 304-525-1116.  It’s a local number, and it’s State Farm Agent, Jon L. Garton in Huntington WV. He’s been around for over 30 years, and has a great staff that can help you with the coverages and premium discounts that you need for an affordable auto insurance program, and they won’t be pulling the rug out from under you six months after you sign on.

Jon and his staff have many customers from the Milton WV area. They know what you are looking for, and they know what you want to pay, but what about State Farm? State Farm’s network of agents and claims support staff spans the USA from coast to coast. Their financial strength and second to none claims handling has made them the number one insurer of homes and cars in the nation.  State Farm’s Pocket Agent app is available to all of their customers, and it makes it easy for you to reach your agent, report a claim, make a premium payment or simply access your most recent insurance certificate by your cell phone.  State Farm knows what you are looking for.

So if it’s auto insurance quotes Milton WV is looking for, look no further than Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance in Huntington WV.  And remember to ask about multi-line discounts.  Jon and staff handle home and life insurance too, and that can help you save even more money on your car insurance.   Call them today; you’ll be glad you did!

Searching Car Insurance Quotes – Salt Rock WV

Salt Rock West Virginia, it’s a Cabell County best kept secret for living in peace and quiet, yet not far from our state’s second largest city. It has certain amenities and services about the community, but selection of first rate insurance facilities is not among them. If you want good deals on car insurance quotes Salt Rock WV you need to seek outside help. And if you are serious about getting the right coverage and saving money you need to look toward Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance in Huntington.   Why Jon L. Garton, State Farm?

Jon and his staff understand what most people are looking for in an affordable insurance plan. Why wouldn’t he; Jon has been in the business for over 30 years, serving the people of Cabell County West Virginia and beyond. If you live in Salt Rock, many of your neighbors use Jon L. Garton for their family insurance program.

When looking for insurance it’s simple you want local service from a trusted agent and an insurance company that has the muscle and financial strength to back up their claim service, and it all needs to be affordable to regular folks, like residents of Salt Rock WV. State Farm is known the world over for being one of the most financially sounds companies in the business. Their award winning claim service is second to none, and their network of agents and claim associates from the east coast to the west coast gets you the claim service that you need within a short drive or simple phone call. State Farm is a trusted name in all auto body shops anywhere in the United States. Stop in any auto body shop and just ask the manager for yourself.

When searching auto insurance quotes Salt Rock WV, it’s simple! Go with the agent with experience, and go with State Farm that promises you good service with great rates. Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance of Huntington will get you there, and his staff will work with you to prepare the kind of plan you want and can afford. Call 304-525-1116 today! It’s the right thing to do for you and your family.

Best Insurance Quotes in Huntington WV

Huntington, West Virginia, the second largest city in the state has a lot of insurance outlets.  When you include the ones online it is countless. When you need insurance you want a reliable and reputable company with better than average premiums. They need to be able to pay their claims effortlessly and give you the best service possible when you need it. So where do you go?

Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance on Adams Avenue in Huntington has been around for 30 years.  They have provided professional service to their customers, and with the financial strength of State Farm, America’s number one insurer of homes and cars, you always get great rates. So if you are looking for car insurance Huntington WV look no further!

Jon and his staff know what you are looking for and pleasing you is their number one priority. If your current insurance carrier is treating you like you are a number instead of their valued customer it might be time for a change.  Jon L. Garton, State Farm handles auto, home, life, some types of health insurance and even banking products through State Farm Bank.

You might be looking for a better interest rate on a new car you just financed.  Get great rates on your home, mobile home or renters insurance, or come in and discuss the right life insurance for you and your family. They have it all, and they want to help.

Jon is proud of his reputation with State Farm and proud to serve the tristate in both West Virginia and now Ohio. State Farm provides the muscle through their financial strength and agents, and supports staff from coast to coast, while Jon and his staff offer hometown, friendly service.  It’s a winning combination.

Call or come in at 512 Adams Avenue to obtain prices for your family’s insurance needs.  When seeking auto insurance quotes, Huntington WV start with Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance. They are small enough to care and backed by the nation’s leader in home and auto insurance, State Farm Insurance.