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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Seeking Insurance Quotes in Lesage WV

Lesage, West Virginia is the quiet side of Cabell County, and offers tranquil views of the beautiful Ohio River and a peaceful life style for local residents with plenty of farming concerns scattered about.  The occasional sighting and sound of a C & O Railway train tends to add to the character of local scenery, and it’s a constant reminder that the busy life with its stores and commerce is not far away in nearby Huntington, WV.  What happens when you seek car insurance quotes, Lesage WV?

Selections for auto insurance quotes Lesage WV are not found along the banks of the Ohio in this small community, but it’s not far away either. Superior service and great rates are found in Huntington through State Farm Agent, Jon L. Garton’s office on Adams Avenue.  It’s just a local call,  and most insurance transactions can be made right over the phone these days, eliminating the need for a drive or your signature to a stack of papers.  Jon and his staff can take your payment right over the phone with a card or even a check.

What about home insurance quotes Lesage WV? Jon and his staff have that too, and when you combine the auto and home together through an insurance plan they can save you loads of money through bundle and save discounts. It’s worth making the call. It’s all local. Just call 304-525-1116 today.

You know State Farm Insurance.  It’s been around a long time.  Not only has it been tried and tested by the American public, but it is the largest provider of home and car insurance in America.  Their enormous size makes it easy for them to pay their claims. The best part is that where ever you drive in the United States State Farm is there with agents and claim reps that can easily assist you with the service you need.

You may live in rural Cabell County, but it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise having a great buy on your insurance plan. State Farm Insurance and Agent, Jon L. Garton and his staff are a winning combination for residents of Cabell County and Lesage, WV. If you’ve been putting off shopping for better rates or better service from an insurance carrier don’t delay; Call State Farm Agent, Jon L. Garton today!   He and his staff look forward to serving you!  Call 304-525-1116 today.

Quality Insurance Quotes, Kenova WV

Kenova, West Virginia is the oldest city in the state. It sits along the banks of the mighty Ohio River and the Big Sandy River. Named before West Virginia was even a state, interestingly enough Kenova gets its name from Kentucky, Ohio and Virginia. While it was situated in the state of Virginia at the time it was named Kenova from the river banks of the city one could look upon the states of Ohio and Kentucky.  Today the river banks of Kenova and neighboring Huntington WV provide home to the largest and busiest inland port in the United States of America. Busy river traffic aside, the peace and serenity observed from the streets of Kenova could be likened to a setting out of a Mark Twain novel.

There are not many insurance companies doing business within the city of Kenova and neighboring Ceredo. If residents there want the services of a local agent and good rates they often look outside.   Many have found exceptional service and affordable rates from State Farm Agent, Jon L. Garton on Huntington’s west end.  It’s a local call, just a short drive up Route 60 east, and Jon and his staff are always available with friendly service. He has 24 hour service available with the aid of his company, State Farm.  If you’re looking for a quote, you want to file a claim or pay your bill his office is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays. That kind of service is important to folks in small towns. If you are looking for car insurance quotes, Kenova, WV; it’s simple.  Call Jon or his staff at 304-525-1116.  What about home insurance quotes, Kenova WV?   Jon and staff can handle that for you too, and you’ll save money with bundling discounts.

What about State Farm? It is probably the world’s most financially responsible company.  That means that they can pay any claim you have with the greatest of ease, and all of it through a vast network of insurance professionals coast to coast, and all with a local agent that has a vested interest in your satisfaction. They call it “Good neighbor service”.

Start by obtaining auto insurance quotes Kenova WV, and start by calling State Farm Agent  Jon L. Garton and his staff today.  Call 304-525-1116. Don’t wait; call now!