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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Proctorville OH Insurance Quotes; See State Farm in Huntington

There’s not a lot of places to get your insurance in Proctorville OH.   That’s not a problem.   You see from the banks of the Ohio River in Proctorville you could throw a rock   .   .   .   or maybe Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers could better throw a rock and hit the city limits of Huntington WV.    In Huntington there are lots of places to get insurance quotes, but not everyone over there is licensed to sell insurance in Ohio.   Well you could knock on doors to find out or you could just call State Farm Agent,  Jon L. Garton at 512 Adams Avenue in Huntington WV.   He provides auto insurance quotes for  Proctorville OH because he is licensed in both states, and his rates are the low rates that you would expect for Ohio insurance.  His staff is also licensed in Ohio, and they are knowledgeable about insurance issues on both sides of the river.

Jon also sells home insurance quotes Proctorville OH, and that’s good news because having both auto insurance and home insurance with State Farm gets you a 35% discount on the home insurance and a 15% discount on the car insurance.   If that sounds complicated just give them a call, and they will walk you through it.   They do it every day.

Why State Farm?  Isn’t everyone running to that company with the lizard these days?   Not so much.   People still like local service with great rates.  They like walking into an office and discussing their insurance needs with a local representative, and State Farm knows this well.   They still insist on the agent system.  While you can go to and complete an auto insurance quote by yourself they still assign your business to a local agent because they know that sometimes you need one.    That’s just one reason for State Farm.   There are plenty of others, and I can think of none more important than State Farm being the most financially sound insurance company in the business.   Bigger isn’t always better until you need the strength of a mighty insurance carrier to come to your aid, and that’s when bigger gets better!

When you’re shopping car insurance quotes Proctorville OH get prices from one of State Farm’s finest, one of Huntington’s finest; call State Farm Agent Jon L.  Garton in Huntington WV.    Call 304-525-1116 anytime day or night, 24 hours a day.   You’ll be glad for the savings; you’ll be pleased with the service.

Insurance Quotes For South Point OH; Try Huntington WV

So you live in South Point Ohio, but you work and do everything else in Huntington WV.   Why not get your insurance there too? If you happen to be shopping for auto insurance quotes South Point OH, you need to check with State Farm Agent, Jon L. Garton of Huntington WV. That’s right! Today Jon L. Garton and his staff are licensed to sell auto and home insurance in Ohio, and they’ve been serving the people of the tri-state for 30 years. His office is just across the Sixth Street Bridge in Huntington’s west end. If you’ve lived in the tri-state for 30 years you are bound to have heard of the great service that Jon and his staff offer their customers.

Jon’s office includes his staff persons: Amy, Susan and Sam. Each of them are licensed in all lines of insurance and are eager to assist you with your insurance program, and want to save you money. Amy and Susan have been with Jon’s office a long time. They are friendly, knowledgeable folks that know the tri-state well. State Farm wants your business and they have the low rates you want with coverage this is second to nobody else in the industry.

Did you know that State Farm’s computer network is one of the world’s largest? It’s true! The world’s largest computer network is the United States Department of Defense, behind that network is State Farm Insurance. What does all of this mean to you?  It means that wherever you drive, wherever you go there are State Farm Agents and Claims staff available to serve you in your time of need. That is what people want, and they want great rates with local service. That’s why you should check your insurance rates with Jon L. Garton, State Farm Insurance of Huntington.

When checking with Jon about your car insurance quotes South Point OH, please ask about State Farm’s multi-line discount. You see if you have your auto insurance with State Farm there is a 35% discount on home insurance quotes South Point OH! That’s how you save big!

State Farm Insurance and Huntington Agent, Jon L. Garton, it’s a winning combination for folks of South Point OH. Check with them today by calling 304-525-1116., or just stop by.

A New Find for Insurance Quotes Chesapeake OH

Obtaining auto insurance quotes in Chesapeake OH was once possible from the handful of insurance agents between Proctorville to South Point. Today there is a State Farm Agent in Huntington that is licensed to help you with your insurance needs, and that is State Farm Insurance Agent, Jon L. Garton of Huntington WV. Since State Farm Insurance has granted him a license to do business in Ohio,  Jon is now building his State Farm business  throughout Lawrence County Ohio.  Many Lawrence County residents are former customers of Jon Garton, when they were once residents of Cabell County West Virginia and will remember the courteous, faithful service provided by he and his staff.

Many Lawrence County Ohio residents work in Cabell County West Virginia, or they prefer doing business in Huntington since it is just a hop over the Ohio River. You can now put Jon Garton, State Farm has one of your preferred providers of insurance service.  Jon Garton has been doing business in the tri-state area for over 30 years. His office is as much of a fixture in the tri-state as is the 6th Street or Robert C. Byrd Bridge which adjoins Huntington to Chesapeake.

If you are looking for good service and a fair price then you’ll want to call Jon L. Garton’s State Farm office and obtain a car insurance quote Chesapeake OH!  Ask Jon, Amy, Sam or Susan about multiple line discounts, and they can quote your home and cars together. By doing so you’ll realize a 35% credit on your home insurance, and get a 15 % credit on your car insurance. And if you’re shopping home insurance quotes  Chesapeake OH you most certainly want to obtain a price from State Farm.

State Farm Insurance is the nation’s number one provider of home and auto insurance. With State Farm size does matter, and they are large enough to pay your claims whenever you need them.  Speaking of large, State Farm’s enormous network of agents and claim representatives is coast to coast, so there is no place you can drive in the United States and be too far away.

State Farm Insurance, and Agent Jon L. Garton, it’s another place to obtain high quality, fair priced insurance for residents of Lawrence County Ohio. Call Jon Garton and speak with he or his staff at 304-525-1116. You can get a quote day or night, at your convenience, even on the weekends. Call today!